Arizona's Leading Pool and Spa
Maintenance, Service, and Repair

Complete Pool Maintenance (CPM) - the name says it all!

We do everything needed to keep your pool "swim-ready." From regular cleaning & service to equipment maintenance and repair. We do it all!

You shouldn't need a score card to keep track of the various vendors and technicians you call on to clean, maintain, and repair your pool and equipment.

You only have one pool. You only need one pool company. You only need Complete Pool Maintenance.

Licensed Bonded Insured! ROC #: 343630

We Service ALL Name Brand Equipment

ANYTHING related to your pool or spa, honestly.


Weekly Service includes: Net, Brush, Check & Clean Baskets, Chemical Balancing, Backwash (as needed), Equipment Inspection

Service Route Areas (by zip code): 

CPM service route areas by zip code


Includes, but is not limited to:

   • Filter Breakdown/Cleaning
   • Pump/Motor Replacement
   • Sand Changes
   • Salt Cell Maintenance
   • Plumbing
   • Electrical
   • Heaters
   • Heat Pumps

Maintenance/Repair Areas: 
Glendale, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria


• iAquaLink
• Intelli-Center/EZ Touch
• Omni
• And more...
Pumps &Motors (Variable/Single Speed)
Filtration, Chemistry, Chlorine Generators, Lighting, Custom Features,  Equipment Installation and Replacement

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